Bringing order to a chaotic client

We’ve all been there — or if you haven’t, count yourself lucky.

Email notification. Click. New job.


We’re looking for a brand awareness piece. Professional but provocative. 600 words. Need it on website by tomorrow.

Lots of love,

The Client

Copywriting misconceptions

Copywriting isn’t just about snappy straplines, similies and semicolons…

Deconstructing the #1 AI writing assistant

Great writing, simplified.

That’s Grammarly’s tagline. And having personally used it for a year, I think it’s an accurate statement to make.

Every one of Grammarly’s 30 million users enjoys the benefits of the AI-powered writing assistant. …

Practical tools to respond to vague feedback

Revelations always arrive unannounced. Like true love or extreme diarrhoea, they come when you least expect it, and when they do, they change everything. If I’d planned it, I would have had my revelation while I was summitting Everest, swimming with dolphins, or surveying the swirling, infinite majesty of the…

If I read ‘in these uncertain times’ one more time, I’ll punch a hole in my monitor.

Even at the best of times, life is full of uncertainty. And yes, obviously a global pandemic doesn’t help that. Whether you’re concerned about your health, job security or career, uncertainty can be a huge source of stress.

That’s because stress — the profound, fingernail-biting, hair-losing, sleep-disrupting kind — only…

Writing advice from a New York Times bestselling author.

Search for writing tips on Medium and you’ll find the same themes cropping up time and time again:

  • Rigid writing routines
  • Regimented creative processes
  • Relentless publishing schedules

There’s a lot to be said for discipline. If your singular aim is to grow your audience, these are excellent tips. Discipline helps…

Greg Chapman

➖Professional copywriter ➖Published in The Guardian

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