Fallout from the SolarWinds attack

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Bringing order to a chaotic client

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Copywriting misconceptions

Deconstructing the #1 AI writing assistant

Grammarly’s objectives

  1. Maximising accuracy
  2. Increasing clarity

Avoiding instrumental convergence with uncertainty

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Selling microwaves improves your writing

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You have to learn how to learn.

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“People who are playing their A-game in any field have more in common with one another than they do with the B-players in their own field.” Tim Ferriss

Practical tools to respond to vague feedback

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Lesson 1: Don’t be picky

If I read ‘in these uncertain times’ one more time, I’ll punch a hole in my monitor.

Writing advice from a New York Times bestselling author.

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  • Rigid writing routines
  • Regimented creative processes
  • Relentless publishing schedules

Quality over Quantity

Greg Chapman

➖Professional copywriter ➖Published in The Guardian https://bit.ly/2SOCwQP

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